Judge Tim Wright. Guilty or not?

Last month Judge Tim Wright was thought to be selling drugs to a recognized felon. His plea? Not guilty. Federal judge made him give up his Passport, CHL, and all the guns in his home. He is also not allowed to leave a few county perimeter.


Carolina Cop getting the slammer.

On April 4th, officer Michael Slager shot 8 rounds into the back of 50 year old Walter Scott. Slager tried to make up the excuse that he feared for his life after Walter allegedly took his stun gun but the video shows undeniable proof that this account did not happen. If you look closely in the video you can see Slager drop his stun gun near the now lifeless body of Scott. Also to add an extra slap in the face, Slager and another cop that showed up on the scene didn't even try and revive Scott.


Supreme Court Rules "YOU SHALL NOT DIE"!

This Fall, 17 year-old Cassandra Callender was diagnosed with cancer and she did what most others wouldn't, she refused her chemo therapy That had a high success rate. When doctors heard her decision they got the law involved, Cassandra and her mother tried to fight the treatment by saying it was her constitutional right as an adult but she wasnt an adult yet and the state of Connecticut named of her trying to commit suicide which is a crime. So she got taken from her home for a short period and when she returned chemo she ran away. eventually she took the chemo and is now on remission.

University of Arkansas

Academic dishonesty involves acts that may subvert or compromise the integrity of the educational process at the University of Arkansas. Included is an act by which a student gains or attempts to gain an academic advantage for himself or herself or another by misrepresenting his or her or another's work or by interfering with the completion, submission, or evaluation of work. Punishments include

Grading Sanctions,Admonition or Probations,Admonition Conduct Probation,Personal Probation,Disciplinary Probation Educative Sanctions,Suspensions,Expulsion

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