SGB Media Group

Custom Social Media & Public Relations Campaigns

SGB Media Group is a social media marketing & optimization firm specializing in niche social network development, performance marketing and public and media relations services.Mission:

To assist performers, politicians, nonprofits, small businesses and individuals with their social media marketing campaigns, fund raising, brand identity and public relations initiatives.

Company Overview:

SGB Media Group is a social media marketing firm specializing in social media marketing campaigns, eCommerce solutions, brand development initiatives, public relations and digital content production and publication.


The agency is an aggregation of key strategic alliances, affiliations and associations with law firms, accountants, promoters, publishers, travel & hospitality professionals and talent generally associated with but not limited to adult content entertainment entities as well as literary, music, fine arts, nonprofit and progressive political organizations.

General Information

SGB Media Group is the parent entity of a consortium of smaller business entities. All are the sole property of Stephen G. Barr.

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