By Alicia Della Maestra and Brandon Vaters

MyEventApps is an application for smartphones designed to increase awareness for event-based organizations at an affordable price. Only starting this spring, MyEventApps has already helped more than 60 organizations. Its easy integration through various platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allows its users to connect with the event and organization, strengthening the involvement and increasing the consumers attitudes towards the organizations. The recent trend towards a smartphone dominated market perfectly aligns with MyEventApps’ target demographic. The easily downloadable and free app has both actual and perceived value to the consumer, leading to a high sense of brand loyalty with the organization.

Since its inception in spring 2012, over 60 organizations have used MyEventApps [2]. MyEventApps was founded by FaveQuest, an Ottawa based company that develops apps for many different types of companies and organizations. MyEventApps is an easy-to-use application for any Smartphone that provides unique and customizable apps for festivals, theatres, live music venues and other event-based organizations for an affordable price. The concept behind this device is simple. When an organization is looking to raise awareness in a new way, MyEventApps offers a customizable app that will meet any desired specification and bring in the desired user traffic. With every free download of the app, users are given a range of easy to use tools to increase their knowledge and help them navigate events.

MyEventApps has a number of reputable customers already, such as CAN Soccer, the Rideau Canal Festival, and Winterlude.

With MyEventsApps a company, organization, or the buying centre and representatives of the organization simply pick the size package of the app they think best suits their needs, then send the company information on what needs to be on the app through a few simple forms. The app is very flexible and customizable, as it can be bilingual, and all button names, functions and designs can be accommodating to any organization’s needs. Events, templates for a SouvenirCam, contests, and maps are all available and fully accessible through this app. Events in the app can be integrated into the customer’s phone calendar, making it easy to remember their favourite events. Many aspects of the app can also be directly shared on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Sponsor banners are also available, and is a way organizations can earn some money through this app. There are also opportunities in which customers are able to purchase tickets online through the app with links that direct them to a box office.

This device is perfect for tech-savvy people who understand the concept of apps, and are frequent users of interfaces such as the App Store, Blackberry World or Google Play. We are living in a post-PC era, where many consumers are connecting with the internet through other communication devices such as cell phones and tablets instead of doing so from their computers. This represents a huge opportunity for companies such as MyEventApps to take advantage of this emerging market.

This high involvement through the app will also influence consumers to look further into the festivals or events on their own time, creating more awareness. This app is being used as a probing tool in order for consumers to find out more information about the events and organizations, and make them feel more connected with them. This informational influence is persuading customers to seek out information about the organization or event independently.

MyEventApps is fully integrated with all of the major multimedia platforms. Through Facebook, consumers can ‘check-in’ or share their photos. By doing so, this generates further consumer awareness, which can result in more app downloads. MyEventApps can also be integrated with YouTube, allowing for quick, real time uploads of event videos. Furthermore, users have full access to a Google Maps feature, allowing them to not only get directions to an event, but also to navigate once they have arrived. Another interesting and useful feature of MyEventApps is that the customized app provides links to online box offices, allowing for quick purchasing of tickets for different activities. All of these tools make the overall consumer experience more enjoyable, creating a sense of not only brand awareness, but also brand attachment and loyalty.

The app itself can be downloaded in two distinct ways. The user can either download the app through the App Store, or through QR codes. QR codes provide a convenient and efficient means to obtain the MyEventApps software. The consumers these organizations are trying to target through MyEventApps have a high affect about these organizations or events and think positively of them. Similarly, their behaviour towards them is that they are genuinely interested and have intentions of either attending certain events or finding out more information on them. Finally, for cognition, these consumers have the belief that this event or organization is relevant to them and are something the consumers would enjoy.

One of the biggest risks to using MyEventApps is that after the software is paid for by an organization, it is offered as a free download to consumers. This element offers both positive and negative repercussions. First, it offers significant financial risk to the organization. Being free of charge, if the app does not deliver high user downloads, the investment by the organization will be realized as a complete loss. This however rarely happens if the app is promoted correctly. On the positive side, allowing the app to be offered free to the consumer greatly increases the chance people will actually download and use the app. The perceived and actual value are very high in this case for consumers. Only a fraction of users would download the app if they were required to pay for it.

Another prevalent risk and limiting factor for this tool is the requirement that users must have a smartphone to use the app. As of May, 2012, over 50% of people of consumers in the US are smartphone users [1]. However this means that the potential market for MyEventApps is immediately restricted by nearly half. Furthermore, there are very few older people who use smartphones. This is a particular problem because the older demographic represents a large part of the target market that would be attending the events this app is aimed towards.   

Lastly, there is another limiting factor involved here. MyEventApps targets the main three operating systems; Apple’s iOS, Samsung’s Android OS, and the BlackBerry OS. However, only one out of 50 current MyEventApps is offered to the BlackBerry operating system. This further reduces the total available consumer market, for anyone with a BlackBerry will most likely not have access to the app.

Success Story - The Winona Peach Festival

The Winona Peach Festival is an annual festival held at the end of August in which Hamiltonians and others from the Niagara region all come to Winona for a weekend to enjoy local arts and crafts vendors, amusements, as well as other commercial exhibits. Over 150,000 people visit this festival annually, but this past summer the Director of Marketing realized that there was something missing. For many years the marketing for the Peach Festival had been experiencing wearout effects, where there was a decline in advertising effectiveness because there wasn’t any diversity or uniqueness in their advertising. Essentially, it was getting old. Wanting to reach a younger demographic and maintain this family oriented and traditional festival, the Winona Peach Festival invested in a MyEventApps app for Android and Apple products (iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc.), as well as for the mobile web.

This free app for all the festival-goers has everything needed to spend a great day at the festival. Starting off with directions on how to get to the festival and where parking was eliminated the need to stress about directions. All scheduled events were easily accessible on the app, and when synced with the schedule application one’s cell phone, notifications could be available to remind people of their favourite performers or demonstrations, and where they were located. There was also a contest available to everyone who had downloaded the MyEventApp, where people could take a photo with their SouvenirCam (or in this case, PeachCam) and share it with the ‘Extravaganza’ page, which would be emailed to the Festival, and a winner would claim prizes.

The photos taken with the SouvenirCam was also a great way to share memories via other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Not only was the Peach Festival a big success this past summer, so was their app. Once the release of their contest was available, app downloads more than doubled. People at the festival were not asking as many questions as to where things were, because they had an app to do so.

There were also many more young students and children there, and the Peach Festival’s Facebook newsfeed was covered with photos from their own PeachCam. This app also allowed the Peach Festival to engage with its attendees through theses interactive contests, which in turn builds deeper and longer-lasting relationships. Not only were participants engaged through the web, they also were participating in many aspects of the festival that they might not have ever explored before, as winners of the contests walked around to various vendors’ booths to collect their prizes; deepening their relationship with the Peach Festival, and with annual vendors at the festival. The Winona Peach Festival now has a way to engage and involve their participants through this app all year as well, and remind them when certain events are coming up, for years to come.

Future Outlook

Overall, MyEventApps is a convenient, easy and affordable emerging communications tool for any type of event-based organization. It’s ability to be customizable and overall simplicity makes it an ideal marketing device to raise awareness. The feedback from organizations who have used MyEventApps’ services have been extremely positive. The tool has a thirty day trial period, and there has never been a single complaint or withdrawal from MyEventApps services. This emerging communications tool shows great promise moving forward.


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