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Since you haven't built a relationship with Video chief green screen edition review, when you do email them, they’re more likely to unsubscribe or say that you’re a spammer or something like that. They don’t remember who the heck you are and they don’t really care. So it’s just a matter of emailing them on a routine basis. It could simply be emailing them with a link to your latest blog post. It could be a product promotion, if you want to go that route. I am a believer in promoting things early on, just to get people used to the fact that you are going to do that.

The Role of Email Marketing In my business, it’s huge. Email marketing is not only my way of driving my readers back to my blog when I post something new, it’s also where most of my income is coming from. The blog generates income on its own, but its biggest role is to foster the relationships of people who are already on my list or to get people onto my list to begin with. A lot of the money comes from the list directly. It would be incredibly difficult to make a living if I were not using email.
The Power of Email Email is your way of mobilizing the crowd. It’s your way of drawing their attention to something any time that you want. Without that, you’re basically just sitting there and waiting for them to feel like coming back. Your website isn't really an asset unless you have a way to mobilize their attention.
Using Auto-Responders I think they’re really useful. I haven’t been using auto-responders a whole lot, except for with some of my Video chief green screen edition review , but I’m about to change that. I’m actually in the process of putting together an auto-responder sequence and using that more than the one-off emails

I think that when you do it that way, you can do things a lot more strategically than if you were just asking yourself on any given day, “Okay, what am I going to send my list today?”
On-Site Strategies
Make Your Homepage into a Squeeze Page I have a larger opt-in on my homepage then a lot of people do. If you look just above the fold, it’s basically a squeeze page with a menu. A squeeze page very simply is a page that only has a single purpose: to get somebody to opt-in to an email list. So there’s nothing else for them to do. They read some copy, maybe a headline, maybe there’s a video, and they have one decision to make: whether to opt-in or not. Most blogs have an opt-in form in the sidebar and that’s it. But it’s really hard to attract their attention with that. So I think having a really nice, squeeze-pagey opt-in really helps on the homepage. The homepage is not the most busy page of the website. Most visitors go directly into one of your posts via search or social media or something like that. On those pages, obviously the content is the most important thing. That’s why they’re there. But when they’re on a homepage, it’s more of an initial relationship-builder. With that being said, I think the most important thing you can do with your homepage is to get them on your list.
More Opt-In Areas The sidebar is obviously one good place to put Video chief green screen edition review . It’s the most common. Put it at the top of the sidebar, or at least as close to top. If you’re running banner ads, then you might have a monetary reason for having the ad at the top, but you typically want that opt-in to be up there. You want it to be above the fold. You don’t want somebody to have to scroll to even see that you have an opt-in form. Some people also put them in the header. Maybe it works. I haven’t done that, so I don’t know.


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