Igneous Rock

Description: Igneous Rocks are shiny,glass looking most of the time,and the other ones are kind of dull, not shiny and have little holes in them. There are different types of grain sizes within Igneous Rocks, there is a coarse-Gained Igneous Rock that you can see the grains without a microscope,and there is also a fine-grained Igneous Rock requires microscopic help to see individual crystals\grains. There are different rocks that classify as Igneous Rocks some of them are Obsidian,Granite,Basalt,Andesite,and Pumice.

Metamorphic Rock

Description: Metamorphic Rocks are dull,and have very sharp edges. They can be chipped away. Metamorphic rock is what makes up most of the lower continental crust. Metamorphic rocks can be many different colors,and are usually dull,like Matte colors.

Sedimentary Rock

Description: Sedimentary Rocks are formed when the weather breaks away particles of rocks then they wash away,and when they compact together they form Sedimentary Rocks. Sedimentary Rocks have different colors most of them being earthy colors such as brown,reddish brown, dark grey,and there can be some different non-earthy colors such as orange,blueish colors,lite greens,and goldfish colors as well.