Ferdinand Magellan

Born in 1480 in Porto Portugal.

Parents died when he was 10, so he became a page for Queen Leonor in Libson, since he had parents of nobility.

There he studied cartography, astronomy, and celestial navigation.

By the age of 25 he was sailing across the world serving in naval battles.

While serving, he had explored many regions and islands such Malaysia, and Indonesia that was rich in spices, discovering the spices is what put Europe into competiton.

Later getting injured in Morocco, he was accused of trading with the Moors of Spain, expelling his employment with Portugal.

1517 he moved to Seville Spain, he studied many explorers navigation charts, where it inspired his all-Pacific voyage in search of spice-rich lands.

He set sails in September 20th, 1519.

While in the Philippines, he was caught in a local war and killed in April 27th, 1521.

The remainder of his crew returned home in September 1522, proving the world is round.


Served in the Portuguese navy, discovering Malaysia, and Indonesia finding rich spices.

His death in the Philippines was the proof that made the globe round a fact.


Though only 41 when dying, Magellan left an impact that lasted through the centuries to today.

Ferdinand Magellan was the very first European explorer to sail across the Pacific Ocean with his crew, discovering new and foreign lands with different and strange resources that the western world had never seen or heard of before.

Magellan is what helped the world branch out of their regions, and explore adventure to have what is the known world today established, and the fact that the world is round.

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