By Tatum Brown

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Level of Success

MISSION: “Family Legacy exists to connect American families with the orphaned and vulnerable children of Zambia to proclaim the gospel, transform lives, and rescue orphans. We accomplish our mission through our three main ministries: Camp Life, Legacy Academies, and Tree of Life.” (Family Legacy website)

FORMS OF FUNDRAISING: Receiving donations from individuals, organizations, businesses, and churches.


  • Camp Life was Family Legacy’s first ministry that was opened in the summer of 2002. It had a simple vision: to bring intense love, lasting hope, and boundless joy to the forgotten children of Zambia.
    • Camp Life is a week-long camp held throughout the summer for orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia, Africa. Each summer over 600 Americans come to Zambia for to spend one week leading a group of 10 Zambian children.
    • During Camp Life, the orphans were provided food, medical care, counseling, and education to meet their basic necessities.
  • To help the orphans obtain their basic necessities, Family Legacy started The Father’s Heart Program that allows financial sponsorship of an individual child to help cover the cost of their life needs.
  • The Tree of Life Children's Village, located just outside the capital city of Lusaka, is a 130-acre community of homes for orphaned children designed to be a haven of hope and light. (Charity Navigator)
  • Americans that sponsor these children can actually go to Zambia and meet the child that they are helping and personally deliver the aid.


  • In just 3 years of The Father’s Heart Program being in place, 3000 orphans were served in 18 different slum compounds throughout Lusaka.
  • In these dense and heavily impoverished areas of the capitol city, Family Legacy has opened community resource centers as a ministry hub and place of refuge for children in need. (resemble youth centers)
  • Lifeway Christian Academies located all over Lusaka allow children to go to school
  • Tree of Life Children’s Village provides homes for these orphaned children as well as care, physical, mental, spiritual, and educational development.
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The Need


  • 86% of the 12 million people that call Zambia home make less than a dollar a day.
  • The average life expectancy is 38 years.
  • Higher percentage of orphans than any country in the world.
  • 1 out of every 6 children is an orphan
  • There are 15 million people in Zambia and half of them are under the age of 16. This huge number is due to the high death rate from extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS.
  • The youth dependency ratio is 91.8%. The youth dependency ratio is the ratio of the youth population (ages 0-14) per 100 people of working age (ages 15-64). A high youth dependency ratio indicates that a greater investment needs to be made in schooling and other services for children.

DOES THE NEED EXIST?: The nation of Zambia has experienced numerous challenges over these first five decades of independence. AIDS, poverty, corruption, and abuse have wreaked havoc upon their society, leaving a generation of orphaned children to rely on themselves for their most basic needs.

IS IT DIRE?: Here in America, we have a lot of things handed to us, but in Zambia, many of these children are literally living on their own. And the place they are living isn’t some wonderland, it’s a place that’s filled with homelessness, hunger, and lack of resources. These children need help and with the resources and things we have been provided here in America, we CAN help them.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?: Zambia has a higher percentage of orphans than any other country in the world. Family Legacy has made it their mission to help these orphaned and vulnerable children and make a difference in their lives. By helping these orphans at an early age, they are planting seeds in them so that when they grow up they will have a heart for change and a longing to be successful. These children are constantly suffering and dying because of their current living conditions, but we can help and make a difference.

IS THE AID ACTUALLY FULFILLING THE NEED?: “What started as an outreach camp for orphans has grown to become a dynamic, multifaceted ministry that is transforming this nation one child, one household, one community at a time.” So yes, I believe Family Legacy's aid to these orphaned children is truly changing their lives and making a difference in the entire country.

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The Credibility

HISTORY: Family Legacy has been around since 2000. But the nation of Zambia has only been around since 1964.

REPUTATION: Family Legacy has a very strong reputation. gave them an overall rating of 4 out of 4.

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PARTNERS/SPONSORS/SUPPORTERS: Family Legacy has many sponsors. Through The Father’s Heart Program runs on sponsorships and through them is how children are provided their basic necessities.

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HAS THEIR FINANCIAL STABILITY BEEN AUDITED?: Yes, multiple times. Most recent report is from December 31st, 2014.

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HOW MUCH MONEY ACTUALLY GOES INTO THE CAUSE?: "Our staff is 100% committed to serving the orphans of Zambia. They are so committed that our American staff raises support to cover their own salaries. That allows us to keep our administrative costs down and means your donations don’t go to pay salaries." (Family Legacy website). 93.3% of the charity’s total expenses are spent on the programs and services it delivers. The other portion goes into administrating and fundraising expenses. (

IS IT REALLY NON-PROFIT?: “We have audited the accompanying statement of financial position of Family Legacy Missions International (the “Organization”), a nonprofit organization, as of December 31, 2014….” (Family Legacy website)

Website Analysis

TARGET AUDIENCE: Family Legacy seems to target American Families that have a heart for orphans and want to make a difference in Zambian children’s lives.

MAIN FORM OF INFO: Family Legacy’s website provides the observer with many videos about the organization, it’s mission, and stories of life change and transformation that have occurred due to the different programs.

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MAIN APPEAL USED: Family Legacy uses mostly Pathos to persuade its audience into helping the cause.

MAIN METHOD OF CREATING THIS APPEAL: Pathos is built through the use of many emotional videos that contain testimonies, statistics, and pictures that build emotion and a longing to help these Zambian orphans.

HOW ARE THE WEBSITE AND ORGANIZATION ADVERTISED: Family Legacy is advertised in many different ways. Churches and businesses advertise it and it is also advertised through social media. Family Legacy also has a blog that posts stories from people involved with the organization to help get the word out of all the incredible things they are doing with the Zambian orphans.

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