This is a general idea of our day at the Air and Space Museum! Our group learned more about WW1 and Human Sciences and all the different airplanes and rockets they used to defend themselves in war and learn more about our solar system. Below are a couple facts that we would like to share:💫-Space lab- this was a modular laboratory system installed in the payload bay of the Space Shuttle orbiter and it served as a intermediate station for research conducted by scientists and astronauts.🚀-Arado Ar 234 Blitz- this was the worlds first operational jet bomber and reconnaissance aircraft. The maximum speed is 735 per hour. This served with bomber unit KG 76 from dec. 1944 to May 1945 when British forces captured it in Norway. This jet was then turned over to the U.S. For flight testing and then it was given to the Smithsonian in 1949. 🚡-Bell Model 30 Ship 1A Genev- this was the first helicopter equipped with a teetering two-blocked rotor system which improved upon the complexity and cost of early articulated rotor heads.💥-World War 1- this was the First World War with Nazi Germany invading Poland and dropping bombs everywhere; conducting the first air strikes.😈-Baldwin Red Devil- Thomas Scott Baldwin created this aircraft. This was a heavier than air type plane that he turned to in 1909. he tested one of his Red Devils in 1911. By mid 1911 Baldwin was taking up passengers on the Red Devil for rides and enjoyment.

We could tell you all more but... Yea anyways hoped y'all are interested in visiting this museum!! We recommend it!! 👍

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