Marine Biologist

Reports To

Marine biologists report to no one in particular, but like everyone else, I'm sure they report to the person who hired them.

Job Purpose

Marine biologists work to study the ocean and all life in it from whales to plankton to coral.


  • Use certain skills to create laboratory and field experiments.
  • Assess and advise on new found ocean species.
  • Provide information and recommendations for the development of marine conservation.
  • Guess the number of marine organisms and analyze their population and features.


  • Education: A master's degree in preferred. Their annual salary on average is about $50,000.
  • Technology skills: They must use automated measuring equipment, like  salinometers to measure the salt level in the water. When they are in their laboratory, they use particle counters to count microorganisms in the water and oxygen meters to measure marine organism respiration. Marine biologists might need scuba diving skills and underwater camera and video skills. Marine biologists also sometimes need robotic skills, like for using Remotely Operated Vehicles which are used instead of manned submersibles.
  • Abilities: Marine biologists should have good math and science skills. They must have good communication skills, both speaking and writing. And they should have good listening skills, so they give their full attention to what others are expressing without interrupting them.
  • Personal Characteristics: Marine biologists must have scientific ability, an observant and questioning mind,  be patient, & precise and good at analyzing and interpreting data. They must be able to work alone and as part of a team, and have the stamina and physical fitness to work in remote locations like the Bahamas maybe. They need to like the outdoors, and performing repetitive work for science experiments. They must also have good near vision to see details. They also need to be strong communicators. But, most of all, marine biologists must like to think and have fresh ideas because working with data is so important that biologists need an aptitude for manipulating raw information in various ways to solve problems and questions.