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Dear Readers,

Chicago is a very violent city, with different names, such as the "Windy City", "Chi-town " or "The Wild Onion". Chicago has many tourist attractions from the Navy Pier to the Water Tower and everything in between. Chicago has created history with the great Chicago fire and the Ferris wheel, however now it's most known for the crime.

Chicago is my birthplace; I have lived here my whole life and never left the city. Chicago is important to me. It's where my parents meet, me and my siblings were born, where I have gained the best of friends that care a lot about me. Chicago gave me a lot of things, that today I cherish with my heart, and forever will.


Gabrielle Lucas

    Miracles With Only a Few Bruises

Do miracles really happen? In Brazil, a crisis was averted when a 5 year old boy and his grandmother were ran over. The young boy was ran over twice with both wheels of a parked car, once on his legs and then on his head. However he stood up right away and helped his grandmother, who was ran over on her back.

A bystander, named Rachel, who has witnessed this event on the way home said,"A car crash happened on the intersection and one of the vehicles drifted and ran into a parked car. That car rolled over the grandmother and the boy, but the boy stood up as if a pillow hit him and help his grandmother up."

A brave child endured this accident with only a few bruises and a broken leg and is now adored by everyone in his family.  

How to tell if you're lazy!

Be Free- Do it Like Writing

I am wishing to become a writer once I grow up. Over the time years I have taken the emotions I can’t handle and turning them into poetry. Now I have wanted to further my writing into creating stories and poems. When it comes to writing, you can do anything with it; write your own emotions or just convert what you’re feeling into a story or a poem based on the feeling you have.

I have never thought I would want to become a writer. I started writing during math class in 8th grade. I got into it quickly, so I took the hobby of writing. I wrote a notebook full of poetry and read every one of them, either adding or removing parts. Over that time I started to write an outline of a 13 chapter long book, and now I have started to create and add detail, to make it more enjoyable for the reader. I would love to become a writer and create things that make people feel different emotions.  


Jayda Vera, a 15- year old, who has lived her entire life, so far, in Chicago. She goes to Josephinum Academy, a freshman, who will soon transfer, to North grand Highschool.

Question How long have you lived in Chicago?

Jayda: I have lived in Chicago since I was born.

Question What do you think about Chicago?

Jayda: Chicago is very interesting, and violent but fun and beautiful.

Question What do you like about Chicago?

Jayda: I like that Chicago is very unique.

Question How is it unique?

Jayda: Chicago is unique with many different cultures and many historical events that most cities don't have. Also, with the weather, I spring it was snowy when it shouldn't be

Question What do you think about the crime?

Jayda: I think it's gotten real bad and it needs a lot improvement.

Question Were you ever involved or someone you know with violent actions?

Jayda: A lot of my family members used to be gang bangers and some still are.

Question If you could do anything about the crime what would you do?

Jayda: I would stop all the gun shooting and all the deaths. I would take away all the guns, so they can be hard to get to, and remove all the gangs.

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