How to build a Universe

It's amazing!

There was nothing before the universe. Then there was a Big Bang and then a rapid expansion with no single point of origin. It took billions of years to make universe. It was dark and the only element that existed was hydrogen. It was squeezed with such force that it ignited at 100 million degrees and it made light in the form of stars which contain hydrogen, helium, carbon and oxygen. Our galaxy was formed by a star exploding this is called a Supernova.

A Supernova!

Carbon, iron, nickel and other elements to make a universe and planets scattered out into universe. All the elements were there even to make human beings.

There was a cloud of gas and dust. Jupiter formed first – got too big eating up all the elements to make all the planets. The Sun heated up photons and blasted this matter into outer space. Then other planets started forming from the remaining material that was just enough to make the other planets in our solar system.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Jupiter is so big that it is bigger than all the other planets combined!

Our spiral galaxy the Milky Way

Planets have to have atmosphere, planets have to have gravity, planets have to be the right size and planets have to be in the right position in the galaxy (Milky Way). The right position is right on the edge of the spiral. This is because in the middle of our galaxy is a massive black hole – a giant star that has collapsed in on itself. It gravity is so intense that if we were too close to it we would be sucked in.

A black hole

You need to have as many stars as there are grains of sand on the Earth. You need to have more than one galaxy in a Universe. Scientists believe that our universe is all glued together with dark matter  which is 85% of everything. Dark matter is the vast web that holds all the planets, and galaxies in the Universe together.

Dark matter is the glue that holds our universe and everything together

Now our Universe is perfect and the most perfect place is where I live - on a planet called Earth, in a galaxy called the Milky Way within a Universe.

Planet Earth is perfect

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