European Exploration Proposal

Proposition by: Ryan Henry

This picture is of King Phillip the second of Spain. He ruled in the 1530s and 1540s. He is the magnificent ruler of Spain at the time, and he will be the one to fund my proposition.

Your majesty, King Phillip the second,

                 There is a proposition that I would like to make to you that would benefit your country's economy, citizen welfare, trading status, your personal wealth, and numerous other benefits. I ask for a charter to travel and colonize the continent of North America. The cost to fund such a bountiful venture is large, but the earnings will more than cover the amount of money spent. I am the best choice to lead an expedition of this enormity because I have conquered the Great Oceans and I have expertise in navigation and other skills that make for an excellent captain of a ship. I have evaded the British Navy and guarantee that success will arise from my venture to North America. I am from the country of Sweden and will provide a flag ship for the expedition, if your decide to charter the expedition. The flag ship is my personal ship, The Svetlana, and is one of the sturdiest  ships that ever sailed the great oceans of the world. The supplies required for this venture are, four large galleons armed with as much weaponry to best protect our valuable cargo. A twelve month supply of salted meat, fresh water, fruits, and vegetables will be needed for this particular expedition. Cannonballs, bullets, gunpowder, axes, and knives also should be provided to help fend off possible assault on our ships and our men. 150 males and 20 females should  be provided to provide a workforce for when we get to North America and the women will be necessary to help produce the Spanish race in North America.                                                             

                Spaniards currently are searching for gold, wood, and other metals, but I have different resources that I  would search for. Firstly, I would attempt to locate exotic foods. If a bountiful amount of exotic foods is located, it would provide control over other countries. There are many options to go with this resource, you could sell them for large amounts of money to increase Spain's wealth and begin to dominate trade.  It would be possible to poison exotic foods that would reach high-ranking rulers of other countries and cause the country civil unrest, making their country susceptible to invasion. Another resource that I would search for would be seeds. Transporting exotic foods and other plants across an ocean can be of little success and can expend money faster than if seeds were attempted to be transported. Seeds can grow into exotic foods and reap fruitful results. Seeds are a renewable resource and could help benefit Spain's economy. Wood is yet another resource that is necessary to support such a glorious nation. Wood builds houses, cathedrals, doors, shields, ships, and so many more things. If there is any resource that Spain is in desperate need of, it is wood. Iron is an important resource because it is used to construct spears, arrows, helms, nails, swords, axes, hatchets, and numerous other things. Without iron a nation is unproductive and is not as advanced in technology as other nations may be. Not being modern is the downfall of many great countries. Spain must not fall into this trap and should make iron a priority to obtain. With me as the head of an expedition to North America, I will obtain this and much more for you and Spain.

                   Other Europeans have their goals set on finding gold and wood, but Spaniards are smarter than that. We search for exotic foods, seeds, wood, and iron. My crew and I plan to land in Mexico because of its close proximity to the Incan empire, and because of the soil, which is rich in minerals.

               The only other European country present in North America is the English. The English arrived in North America in 1497 and are relatively weak, hiding in Eastern Canada. If we encounter them, they should be a simple opponent to subdue.  The English expedition leader, John Cabot, died many years ago, so hopefully, the English have been weakened and have yet to locate another leader. Encounters with Native Americans will first be diplomatically conducted. The Indians will first be invited to join our ranks and become Christians.  Then, if they refuse we will enslave them, and punish them severely for their grave mistake. European encounters will be dealt with systematically. First, we confirm if the Europeans are Spaniards, or any other friendly force. Then, if they are hostile, we diplomatically attempt to persuade them to surrender unconditionally.  If they do not submit, a violent battle will ensue with our troops defeating the enemy and all of our adversaries subdued. Any mutiny will be put down harshly, with the minimum punishment being the loss of a few digits.

              I expect to encounter rough seas, hostility from the Native peoples and other Europeans, and food shortage. We will build ships with added water ballasts and back-up sails in case of a tear during a storm. I will attempt to conquer hostility with diplomacy at first and then add as much force as necessary to make certain the hostiles understand my vision. We will deal with food shortage by bringing enough supplies to last us a year, and then have the men hunt and fish from the sea or on land if need be. We will attempt to capture a native and force him to show us how to survive in his strange environment. If all goes according to plan, then  the venture will begin on April 13, 1540, three years from now. This will be a profitable venture and will make Spain the greatest nation in Europe.

                 Please thoroughly consider my offer, for it is not every day a capable sailor proposes such a bountiful venture. If you agree to my proposition, please sign below and seal this document.



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This is a picture of me as of 1535

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