Harley Street Cosmetic

Making best organic herbal gels and serums on the planet

Formulated by Dr Cuross Bakhtiar

Founder, CEO and Senior Product Developer, Harley Street Cosmetic Ltd. Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine. Board Member, Cosmetic and Toiletries Association. Board Member, Society of Cosmetic Chemistry. Member, Royal Society of Chemistry. Bachelor of Science degree, Chemistry and Biochemistry. St. Michael’s College, M.Sc. degree , development, Imperial College

Dr. Cuross Bakhtiar obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry from St. Michael’s College, Vermont. He then obtained his M.Sc. degree from Imperial College (London University) in the development of new antibiotic using photo chemistry synthesis. His Ph.D. was obtained in 1993 from Imperial College on Vitamin B1 (thiamine) synthesis and its chemical reactions in the active site of enzymes. Cuross then carried out his first post doctoral studies on Photo Dynamic Therapy (cancer treatment using lasers and dyes). His second post-doctoral study was carried out at Guy’s Medical School on Free Radical Research. Cuross has published many scientific papers and is the co-author of “Lectures on Organic Chemistry” (Published by World Scientific Press).Cuross has worked and acted as advisor to several biotech and pharmaceutical companies in product development and registration of drugs. In 2000 he established Harley Street Cosmetic Ltd. as a premium UK skincare brand and last year had 0.6% of the Total UK skin care market (Data Monitor Report 2011). They have a range of ten separate herbal gels which are sold throughout Europe for the alternative health market. He has also worked with cosmetic brands like Urban Retreat Spa (Harrods Spa), Anatomical, Ruby and Millie, SkinCeuticals, Skin.NY. in development of novel formulations and registration of their products in the UK/EU and also in North America and Asia.

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