U.S. Symbols

By Cody & Jayda

The United States has several symbols.  Some are the flag, the Star-Spangled Banner, the pledge of Aligents  and the bald eagle.

The U.S flag was adopted in 1777. It's the symbol of freedom and liberty. It has thirteen stripes & fifty stars.  The stripes are red and white.  The white stars are on a blue field.  It was placed on the moon by astronauts in 1969.

The Star Spangled Banner is the national anthem.  Anthem means song.  It started out as a poem. Francis Scott key wrote it during the war. The United States Adopted it in 1931.  When we hear it we stand with our hands over our heart.

The Pledge was adopted in 1945 . In 1892 it was in a children's magazine to celebrate Christopher Columbus coming to America.  There are 31 words are in the plege.  Kids say the pledge in school everyday.

The bald eagle stands for power and freedom. The USA bird is the bald eagle.adopted in 1782. It was Placed on the seal. It been the national bird over 200 years.