Ancient Egypt

An Ancient World

Stable Food Supply

The farmers made rivers and trenches to grow their crops. If not, farmers just lived near rivers so they didn't have to build a trench . Farmers also made canals to hold their water. The farmers made a water wheel to water their crops "in a fair way". The farmers grew wheat and barley.

Social Structure

An ancient Egypt society was organized like a pyramid. The groups near the top had the most power and status.


Like Government officials, priests were powerful and highly respected in society. A large network of priests served under the Pharoah who was considered the highest ranked priest of all time. Temple priests played a very important role in Egyptian religion. Every temple was home to one or more Egyptian gods. A temples priest primary job was to take care of his temples special god in a varity of ways.

System of Government

Government officials belonged to the highest class on Egypt's social pyramid, after the Pharoah. Their job was to assist the Pharoah in his or her role as a supreme ruler of the vizier, the chief treasurer, and the general of there armies. Each had its own duties. The vizier had more power than anyone except the Pharoah

The Arts

Artisians specialized in any one of the number of crafts. Workers in this class included carpenters, jewelers, leather workers, metal workers, sculptuers, and weavers. artisian's made any beautiful objects including, stunning jewelery and elegant furniture.

Advances in Technology

The people of Egypt used the water wheel which helped them get water faster without having to walk as much. They also made pyramids. These pyramids were made for there rulers or kings

Written language

They practiced their writing on pieces of wood flakes of stone and broken bits of pottery. Boys who wanted to be scribes had to attend scribe school. They spent as many as four years copying the signs over and over.

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