The Yeoman of CT tales

by Teiuna Dixon, Chasidy Mann, and Talaisha Whitaker

The Yeoman was accompanying the squire and the knight.  He wore clothing that befit his station. Lines 105 to 108 says "wore a coat and hood of green, and peacock-feathered arrows... dress his gear in yeoman style..." These line describe what he was wearing that befit his station.  The yeoman was very tan from being outside . "His head was like a nut, his face was brown." Line 111 shows that he was tan from being outside and taking care of the land.  The yeoman wore the appropriate gear and he took his job seriously according to Chaucer. "A saucy brace was on his arm... a shield and sword hung at one side...the other slipped a jaunty dirk...medal of St. Christopher her wore... and bore a hunting-horn, well slung and burnished clean...He was a proper forester I guess."  Lines 113 to 121 shows what type of gear he had on and it also tells us that Chaucer believed him to be a proper forester.

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