Babe Ruth

        Babe Ruth was born February 6,1895.He died August 16,1948, He died age of 53.Babe had 2 kids Dorthy Ruth,and Julia Ruth their both girls.His spouse was Clarie Ruth.Babe got a education at Cardinal Gibson School.Babe Ruth was 6'2  1' 8 8 m,but also he was put in the ground at in the Gate Of Heaven Cemertary.                                                  Babe Ruth played pitcher,first base,and also out field,those are all the postion he played.Babe Ruth had a bad childhood,he was a bad when he was little.When Babe was in the major leagues he won 6 awards and beat his record his whole carrier he has played has a professional that was a big accomplishment for Babe Ruth.Babe was a really good hitter one of the best.Babe played 22 season in the MLB 1914-1935   

     Babe Ruth was old he retired a living legend.He retired from natural causes.Babe Ruth made his own business after he retired he made his own business that is doing a lot.

     Bambino will always be remembered has a great hitter, was the best hitter in the world and it took a effort to beat your record every year in the Major League Baseball.


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