Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was a teacher she never married moved to live with her f
Her and her family tried to stop slavery but it did not work her family was big she had about 5brothers 1 sisters
Most of Susan's brothers passed when they were young kids but most were al

Susan did many thing in her life but one day she meet a woman introduced her to the women society that they tried to make people see that women had the same rights as men and that they were made equally she gave many speech int he contry and when they were getting no where she rock maters into her one hands and one day when men were going to vote she  whent to vote and the people found out that she voted and they send her to jail because what she did was a  crime. Later on in her life she died because of problems in her hart and lungs. A couple of years past and they made a law that women would be tried the same as me

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