High School

By: Blakeley Briscoe

My best friends have been a huge part of my life.  We have been together since day 1. It's crazy to think that when we graduate, and after this summer we will be the furtherest we have ever been apart. It is crazy to think that I will be over 11 hours away from Madi, which has never happened. Since freshman year we have had countless adventures filled with ups and downs. I will miss our jam sessions, late night ice cream runs, late night talks, our man cave nights, lunch dates,  friday night lights, basketball and volleyball games, and even our fights because we are always closer when we make up. You all have made a huge impact on my life and will forever hold a special place in my heart.  Throughout our high school years we have had moments where we have grown apart, but we always manage to find our way back to each other. I could not imagine going through our crazy high school years without y'all at my side. I love all of you very much.

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