Fight for Your Country: Enlist Today!

Go fight in the trenches against those ruthless Germans. Join now and you can supply the men on the front line and make 6 shillings a day or 30 pence a day. If you want to fight on the frontline then you can still make a modest of 1 shilling and 9 pence. While your taking a break from fighting you can go relax in a French eating house. For only 4 pence you can receive eggs and chips or rolls and coffee and relax in a nice warm and comfortable surroundings.

With our new technology such as machine guns, artillery, bayonets, Torpedoes, flame throwers, and tanks there is plenty of room for you. You can learn to master the new technology by being an engineer or a driver of a tank. Be the first to witness and be apart of the modern style of warfare. With our new technology there should be no stopping us from winning the war. Everyone who enlists is just helping us get one step closer to winning the war!

We have the best rations of any army in the world. Don't starve another day while fighting for your country. You are allowed a hefty 10 ounces of meat a day and 8 ounces of meat a day. Our country takes pride in knowing that our soldiers are not starving while fighting for our country. Knowing that we have the most healthy soldiers helps our countries effort to win the war. If you join now we can guaranty you many benefits in the army. Foods that you will receive are parcels of chocolate, tins of sardines, and possibly even sweet biscuits. Join now to get the cheapest and best food for our army!

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