The FEEL Center Project

Where does the money go?

4 of the top 5 expenditures are out of control due to personal information.  Where does the money go?

Top 5 expenditures

Housing 34.1%

Transportation 17.6%

Food 12.4%

Insurance and Pensions 10.8%

Health Care 5.7%

4 out of the top 5 expenditures have to do with personal information and how our personal information is shared.  

Today more than ever we are sharing our personal information with a variety of institutions and no one truly knows what the recipient is doing with it.  

Personal information is just that, it personal!  

Personal information that ends up on your credit report without validation is against the law.  After the fact knowledge is costing you employment, credit, loans, insurance and housing.

True saving starts here: than here: Get in front of your financial concerns. If you use a Bank or Credit Union your credit report will tell the story. The FEEL Center Project will assist you in finding the right financial solution.