Lemonade Stand

For this project, you will be running your own business.  Using a simulation program, you will find an investor and run a lemonade stand.

The first step is to find an investor.  Using Google Drive, you will create a document and write a letter asking someone to invest the $10 required start up costs.  Your letter must use correct business letter format.  After you request the start up money, you must tell your investor how he or she will get their money back.  

The second step will be to create the documents to track your profits.  This will be done using a spreadsheet in Google Docs.  

At last, you will run your business for 5 simulated weeks.  You will track your profits for each week on your spreadsheet.  Be careful, if you make unwise business decisions, you will go bankrupt.

Finally, you must report back to your investor explaining your business plan, profits, and the amount of return they will receive on their investment.