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We aim to save manga publishing as for it now is in the US and other places has been failing to sell and companies going down
Why? Because they work so hard to create some entertainment for us but we don't help them.

we need YOUR help if we want to change it all.

see for your self as you change these manga artists life's...

  • Dropping Sales

Manga sales in America have dropped 43% since 2007, an even bigger drop than domestically produced comics and graphic novels, suggesting that more than the bad economy is to blame.


One problem is that Japanese manga publishers still rely on magazines to launch new titles, and the magazine model,

As a result of the decline in magazines, in mainstream manga publishing, the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. While the overall manga market declines, fanboys looking for a silver lining like to point to record-breaking high sales of the biggest titles, like One Piece, which sold six times as many copies in 2011 as the nearest competitor, Naruto.

But this concentration of manga fame into a few J.K. Rowlings and James Pattersons is an untenable situation, since it means there's too much money riding on their manga for them to end their series or try anything interesting. Kentaro Takekuma even suggested that big publishers could emulate American comics by turning Naruto and Bleach into publisher-owned properties like Batman and Superman, so they can keep running indefinitely, a truly horrifying suggestion.

The truth they don't want you to know, perhaps, is that publishers are unnecessary; Japanese self-publishing is booming. The traditional model of manga success, as promoted in Bakuman, is all about getting picked up by a big publisher and enduring harsh hazing and having your manga ripped up by your editor in front of you to teach you humility and so on.

But the Japanese market for dounjishi's whish is self-published manga, has grown massively over the last 20 years, even while the mainstream has stagnated.


Not only do help manga publishing but we have fun doing it as well.


-Your own Dounjishi

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-Best cosplay

and many more things.

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