How I Survived the Arabian Peninsula

10 tips on how I survived the Arabian Peninsula were, in the Oases if you were a nomad you might want to settle into the Oases for you can easily grow crops. Another tip is most water is found underground so make sure you dig deep wells. Also make sure you go to the trading centers and trade for milk, meat, and camel hair. In the mountains mud bricks are perfect for a house for a house up in the mountains so be sure get some. When you grow crops in the mountains don't forget to plant melons and pomegranates, While your at it grow some trees to produce frankincense and myrrh. If you are wanting to farm in the mountains you must build step like terraces by building low walls and narrow strips of land. In the dessert temperatures can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit so bring plenty of water. Also camels are going to be your best source of transportation, they can survive many days without water. They can eat almost anything and they can carry heavy loads for long distances. Well those are the 10 tips that i'm giving you so you can survive the Arabian Peninsula.

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