Leif Erikson

Pre-ap US History

Leif Erikson, a viking from Iceland, was born in 970 A.D.

Although Iceland was his birthplace, he was exiled from his home and sent to grow up in Greenland.  He spread Christianity in Greenland and later on, America. He went to Norway to spread Christianity. But while he was sailing back to Greenland, his ship was blown off course. Which ended up accidentally directing his ship to what is now America.

Where in America?

Leif Erikson found dry land upon what is now known as the North American continent. He most likely disembarked in what was known as Nova Scotia, which he named Vinland. (But no one can really agree where Vinland is now, but some suspect it's a whole area, and not one place.)

Reasons for exploration

Although coming to America was a complete accident, he is considered one of the, if not the first, European to set foot on the coast of North America. But his original quest was to spread his religion. If it wasn't for the weather, he would've never discovered what is now North America.

Impact he made

He was credited with the achievement of first European to ever see North America. (even though it's suspected that Bjarni Herjólfsson saw the continent first, even if he did not land there) There's a national day in his honor, October 9th, called Leif Erikson day. His impact was that he discovered North America about 400 years before Columbus did.

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