Industrial Revolution

By : Kamari& Dier Industrial Revolution

First frame :The Industrial Revolution was the transition to a new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840.

Second frame : The industrial Revolution first started inGreat Britain and eventually progressed to the untied states in the early 19th century it was first created to raise people's standard of living. Before the revolution,

Third frame :the majority of Americans lived on farmland, small towns, or villages where there was a little manufacturing. A farmer usually also was able to make shoes, and the women spent their days making soap and candles, or spinning yarn or making clothing

Fourth &Fifth frame : The industrial reform movement was a group of activist  who wanted to correct the bad effects os the industrial revolution their main goal was to make society better for poor people and working classes

sixth&seventh frame : positive: people coming up with new ways to make products and new ways to make money every having equal rights

negative: people die going to war people  losing their families people losing limbs people losing home and money while higher class people become richer

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