Martin Luther King Jr.

MLKJ Heroic Accomplishments

His well spoken words inspired people and he was a main reason freedom was given to African Americans.

- He was against all segregation and hated the thought of violence.

- He dedicated his life to the civil rights and did not stop pushing himself, despite all the death threats he was receiving.

- He inspired people to act.

- "Opinion" did not affect him he always stood strong and fought through the challenging time period.

- He was strongly involved in church and Sunday school.

- His father was pastor.

- Martin was inspired by previous civil right righter, as in Booker T. Washington and WEB DuBois
- If he was alive today i'm sure he would be very proud.

- He is a hero because accomplishments he made happen and the way people are inspired by him.

And this is our Heroic Presentation of the lovely Martin Luther King Jr.


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