Temperate Deciduous Forest

By: jeffrey Manord, Kristen Wilson,
Erika Castillo, and Darick Pollard

Temperate deciduous Forest in the Spring

In the Spring, the Temperate Deciduous Forest is a great place to visit.

Temperate Deciduous Forest in the Summer

The best time to visit the Temperate Deciduous Forest is during the summer. The temperature ranges from 75-86 degrees.

Average temperature for the Temperate deciduous forest

The average temperature for the Temperate Deciduous Forest is about 50 degrees.

Average rainfall for the temperate deciduous forest

The average rainfall for the Temperate Deciduous Forest is about 30-60 inches a year.

Type of clothes to bring

The best time to come to the Deciduous Forest is in the summer, so it will be very warm. You will need to bring shorts and t-shirts, it also rains a lot, so you will need some rain gear.

it also snows in the forest
you can hike in the forest and see many animals
temperate forest
a fox squirrel
a green anaconda on the temperate deciduous forest floor
the temperate deciduos has many beutiful flowers!

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