The Mirror

By Aly Wilson

So delicately crafted
Your wood so perfectly engraved
Your gold shines in the sun

Yet your glass mocks me
As I stand in your reflection
You witness every imperfection

Your beauty shames me
My tears stain your delicate crystal
Even your flaws outshine me

Yet still I stand here
Letting you taunt me
For only the mirror sees all of me

Still I'm drawn to come back
To let you heed me from scratch
To have one single soul understand the true


Thanks for reading my poem. It happens to be one of my favorites! I tried to portray the idea of feeling that they world doesn't accept you for who you are so you conform to them but still have that little piece of you left. But this little piece only gets to be seen by the ones closet to you that you trust.

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2 years ago

Ok, all these photos don't perfectly match this poem but I found them to be a representation of it as a hole.