Freak the Mighty

By: Connor C. Landon M.

Book Summary

In our class we are reading Freak the Mighty the author of the book is Rodman Philbrick. The book is about two people who are very different. Their names our Kevin and Max , but people call Kevin freak, because he is very small and short. Max is a very big kid that isn't so smart. Freak is a very small kid that has a syndrome called Morquio syndrome. Max's dad is in jail for murder . His dad's nick-name is Killer Kane. The mood was scary and dark because the setting of the book was the bad part of town where bad people lived. The plot of the book was when Max wasn't confident in himself at the start of the book but through out the book Kevin pushed him to believe in himself. Now he wrote the book called Freak the Mighty.

King Arthur

King Arthur was born and left by his parents and was picked up by a man named Merlin, and was raised by him. He pulled the sword out of a magical stone and became the new king. He became king because he pulled the sword out of the magical stone. Sir Lancelot was one of King Authors friend . He came from France to see his friend Arthur. He snuck off with a girl from the kingdom. King Arthur relates to the book because everybody is always on a quest.

Knights of the Round Table

The Knights of the round table were 23 knights and King Arthur. Their table was round to impress the Emperor. Sir Lancelot was the greatest knight of the round table. King Arthur was a king. Guinevere was a queen who loved Sir Lancelot. The knights in the kingdom are always the good people in the kingdom. They protect the kingdom when bad people come in and try to take over. It is like the book because like Max has freaks back when he needs help.

Morquio Syndrome

Morquio Syndrome is a disease of the metabolism. The symptoms are: Abnormal growth in bones, Bell-shaped chests, Coarse facial features, Hypermobile joints, Knock knees, Large head, Short stature, and Widely spaced teeth. For someone to have this disease is if both their parents have this defect. It is treated by exercising a lot. The long term effects are: Knock knees, Large heads,  and Coarse facial features. Personal this syndrome is very bad.


Moving people parts or a study of robotics. It is a German equivalent to the word (Bionik).Studying nature and living organisms can benefit humans by showing how different animals move and make new bionics for animals. To me bionics are cool and helpful to people , and I would like to learn more about them.