Kevin Hugh Lewis, telecom star

Kevin Hugh Lewis has been in the IT industry for close to 30 years. His initiation into the industry was in the telecom sector which was at the time starting to boom. This all started about 30 years ago at MCI which was one of the giants of the telecom industry. He handled mainly the voice and data side and began to cater to the entertainment industry. One of the seminal events in the telecom industry was the deregulation and emergence of new companies during this time. This was the seed for the telecom industry and its emergence into the Internet industry that we all know so well today. We are clearly living in information age and Kevin Hugh Lewis has been there leading the way with great execution and model performance all the way. He has worked for a number of IT companies over the years including SkyTel, Qwest, and WinStar as well as running his own company for some time. One thing that he is learned over the years is that information technology is there to provide value to the business or the person who is utilizing them. It is important to deliver efficiency, reliability, and security along with this technology. That goes for any technology and his background in a variety of companies delivering software, telecom, 900 number services, and networks just to name a few is but a tiny slice of the experience that this man holds. At the end of the day it is clear that his early roots in the telecom sector have been one of the enduring influences in his stellar career.

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