Tundra & Tropical Savanna

By: Cennagen Snelling & Lilli Hitlton


Seasonal Temperatures:  The tundra is a very cold climate.  Usually the climate can only get up to about 40 degrees.  You can find it between the 60 degrees and 75 degrees latitude lines.  In the summer the sun shines 24 hours a day for about 60 days.  It has a very harsh winter and a cool summer.  The deeper parts of the soil stay frozen all year.  

Precipitation: The tundra doesn't receive a lot of precipitation.  It only gets about 15 inches of precipitation a year, and it only rains during the summer.  If it got just a few inches less it would be considered a desert.  

Flora and Fauna:  There is a really big variety of plant life in the tundra. Some examples are, lichens, grasses, and moss. There are also a lot of animals that can survive in the harsh climate.  Caribou, Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear, and Arctic Fox are some examples of fauna that are in the tundra.

Adapt: The people that live in the Tundra adapt to the cold environment by wearing lots of clothing.  They wear boots,  parkas with hoods,  mittens, and a lot of winter clothing.  How many layers they wear depends on the climate that day.  

Population:  There isn't a lot of people that can stand to live in the tundra.  How cold is one reason why people don't live there. The other reason is it isn't easy the get around, and if you live in the tundra there isn't a lot of jobs to choose from.  

                                                                    Tropical Savanna

Precipitation: The Tropical Savanna has a wet and dry season.  During the dry season,  fires may occur and there is a very big drought.  On the other hand in the wet season it rains a lot.  It usually gets about 20 inches of rain in the wet season.  This last about half of the year.  

Season Temperatures: The Savanna never drops below 64 degrees.  It can get really hot in the day and chilly at night.  It usually get around 90 degrees in the summer months.  

Flora and Fauna: There are many carnivores in the savanna.  They include, lions, cheetahs, and many large birds.  There is also zebras, elephant, wildebeests, and giraffes are some examples of herbivores that live in the savanna.  There isn't much plant life.  The only plants the savanna has is a few trees, shrubs, and tall grasses.

Adapt: In some parts of the savanna people live in houses that were built from things out of nature and in other places they live in homes like we do.  

Population Information:  In most places in the there isn't a lot of people that live in the savanna.  This is because of how hot it is, the dangerous animals, the very little amount of rain fall, and the little amount of flora.   

Pictures of the Savanna and Tundra

This is a elk that is lying in the grass in the Tundra
The yellow is where the Tundra is located.
The Tundra.
A picture of the flora located in the Tundra.
The yellow is where the Savanna is located around the world.
Zebra in the Savanna.
The Tropical Savanna

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