Happy Boss's Day!
October 2014
North Pointe Elementary

We love you Kelly! Happy Boss's Day!

Kelly, thank you for teaching me what it means to be a constant source of motivation and encouragement to staff and students.

Kelly, You bring out the best in us.
We're so lucky to have a Boss
As wonderful as YOU!
Here's wishing you a day,
That's as special as You are!

Kelly, thanks for being an incredible leader.

Kelly, thanks for supporting your employees and making NPE feel like a family.

Kelly, thanks for keeping the moral up at North Pointe and having a positive attitude.

Kelly,  thanks for always being ready and willing to support us when we need it.

Kelly, thanks for always smiling.

Kelly, thank you for always being willing to listen!

Kelly, thanks for inspiring me to build my leadership skills on a daily basis.  I am so blessed for the special friendship that we have developed!  You have such a great heart for teachers and students!

Kelly, thanks for always being there to support our special education programs.

Kelly, thanks for leading the way.

Kelly,  thanks for your smiles and pats on the back!  We love you!

Kelly, thanks for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to grow as an educator.

Kelly, Thank you!! so much for all you do for us and the students in N.P.E.
Love u :)

Kelly, thank you for all you do each and every day to create such a positive and dynamic environment for us as well as the students!

Kelly, thank you for being you. You are great to work for and I am very thankful for you.
Happy Boss's Day:)

Kelly, thank you for pushing me to strive for my best in the classroom.

Kelly, thanks for all that you do and for always being so understanding!

Kelly, thank you for always believing in me!

Kelly thanks for being an advocate for our students and teachers.

Kelly, thanks for building such a warm, caring environment where the students love to be!

Kelly, you make our school a great place! A group is only as good as its leader, and you really have a way with everyone.
I appreciate you so much.

Kelly, thanks so much for making me feel like such a valuable new addition to your staff.
I'm really happy to be here!

Kelly, thanks for being so supportive!

Kelly, thanks for all!

Kelly, thank you so much for being such an amazing woman of God and leading this school with your heart!  The passion you have for the staff, parents, and students shows in everything you do!  I appreciate that and it makes me strive to do better!

Kelly, thanks for always being supportive and making us feel appreciated!

Kelly, thank you for all the little things you do that make a BIG difference!

Kelly, thanks for trusting me to do my job! It gives me freedom to soar!

Kelly, thanks for being so supportive with my new journey at NPE!

Kelly, thanks for being a compassionate boss and thinking of our feelings when you explain a situation or make a decision.

Kelly, thanks for your ENDLESS energy!

Kelly, thanks for covering my class!

Kelly, thank you for your understanding and support when I need to take days off!  It means a lot to me!

Kelly, thanks for supporting us in all we do!

Kelly, thanks for always having a smile and making us laugh!

Kelly, thanks for caring about and supporting teachers on a daily basis!

Kelly, thanks for being such a fun and supportive boss!

Kelly, thanks for being an awesome boss!

Kelly, thanks for allowing us to exceed our own expectations as educators.

Kelly, thanks for giving me the opportunity to spread my wings as a teacher, for being nothing but positive and supportive, and for understanding when I needed to take time to be with my family.
You're an awesome boss! :)

Kelly, thanks for inspiring and leading with character.

Kelly, thanks for always being there.

Kelly, thanks for running a top notch school and always being there to listen to us and helping us reach our goals!