Summary 1: People sick at Disney land: 100 people caught the measles at a California park.There is a shot that helps prevent the measles. Scientists say that the vaccine is good and safe but still some parents or guardians say no.

Too young for the shot:Some kids are too young to be vaccinated. Kids that are not vaccinated have to stay home.The illness can spread by coughing or sneezing.

Shots save kids for life

Even if a the kid gets the shot they can still get the measles. Children need to get the vaccines at the right age. A child can still get the measles even though they get the shot.

Stopping the disease

Six out of ten kids that don't get the shot,the disease spreads faster and faster.A girl broke out in a rash that covered her whole body but it was not the measles.The rash was not the disease.

Information text

Some parents think their kids should not get the vaccine.Some other parents think kids should get the vaccine.

Opinion piece:

I think you should not give your child the vaccine because sometimes the vaccine does not work and you still get the measles.

                                                                                Summary 2

The rash is the first sign of trouble

Summary 2 :Someone that has the measles first gets a rash. Some other symptoms are fever,red eyes,and runny nose. Measles spread very easily by coughing and sneezing.  

  Vaccine keeps it from spreading

Experts say that a group of 100 people did not get there measles shot and the disease has spread faster  In California about 3 out 100 kindergartners did not get there measles shot. As many as 11 out of 100 has not received there measles shot.

All parent are worried

Some parents have changed there mind on not letting their children get the shot. there is a girl that made an appointment next month to get her child's measles shots.Some parents that did not give there child the shot are worried.

Information text

Parents are worried because they don't want their kids to get the measles.Some parents don’t want to give their kids or kid the measles shot and some parents do want to get there measle shot

Opinion piece

mt opinion is that parents should not give their child the shot because you can still get the measles and plus i’m not a big fan of shots.

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