Worlds Religions: Judaism Billy R, Billiter

Judaism started about 4000 years ago.

Abraham was the creator of Judaism.

The star above is called the star of David.

One of the sacred texts are called the Torah, the must use a pointer to use it so they don't get the Torah dirty.

This is the symbol for Judaism.

A place they worship in is called a synagogue.

List of Jewish holidays

1. Rosh Hashana

2. Yom Kippur

3. Sukkot  

This place is a synagogue, where Jews come to worship.

Judaism started about 4000 years ago. They celebrate many holidays like Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashana, and Sukkot. The symbol for Judaism is the star of David. Jews worship in a place called a synagogue. Jews wear caps called yamakas. Jews only believe in many god. Judaism is the oldest living religion.

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