Earth , Moon , and Sun By: Justine R. Smith

Key concept Questions and Answers :

1. How does earth move in space

A: The earth takes about one year to travel or orbit around the moon ( One complete orbit is called an revolution .)

2. What causes the cycle of seasons on earth

A: The cycle of season on earth is based on the tilt of earths north and south poles facing the sun thus causing different temperatures and making what we call seasons.

3. What determines the strength between two objects

A: The strength or the gravitational strength between two objects is the mass of one object and the other .

4. What two factors combine to keep the moon and earth in orbit

A: Inertia and gravity are the two factors that keep earth and the moon in orbit .

5. What causes the phases of the moon

A: The phases of the moon depend on the location and which side of the moon is being hit with sunlight.

6. What are solar and lunar eclipses

A: A lunar eclipse happens by the earth being in between the sun and moon and the moon having a shadow cast by earth .

7. What causes tides

A: Tides are caused by the moon's gravitational pull .

8. What features are found on the moon

A: Rills ( They are like earth's Tectonic Plates )

    Crater ( Circular surfaces made from meteoroids striking the moon )

     Rays ( Rays are bright streaks of debris that appear on the moon's craters )

9. What are some of the characteristics of the moon

A: The moon has 1/81 of the mass earth has . Moons surface can be up to 257 degrees with  a low of 409 degrees Fahrenheit .

10. how did the moon form

A: One of the theories are that another planetoid the size of Mars had collided with earth and the remains are now what we call moon .

Does anyone really know the reason for traveling the moon ?

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Crescent moon over Big Ben

This music video has some good facts and vocab about the moon.

Any more information  will be provided in this link  ( These are text book and internet information about the moon and earth . )

If you would like to know my personal Moon observations I have a link down below.

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