Mr. Hewett demonstrates how to use ArtPad for creating self portraits.

The students in Columbus County Schools' 2014 Migrant Summer Camp did a wonderful job in learning about and actually creating their first digital story.  This portion of the camp was led by Mr. Larry Hewett and Ms. Connie Cox.  The sites that took part were Acme Delco Elementary, Hallsboro Artesia Elementary, Old Dock Elementary, Guideway Elementary and Chadbourn Elementary Schools.  All students enjoyed learning the storytelling program called Photo Story 3.  First of all they created self portraits using the online painting generator ArtPad.  Next, they learned how to search for images online and copy their URLs that were to be included in their stories as citations.  Then they were taught how to import all these images into Photo Story 3, edit them, add titles and record their original stories using microphones.  Finally they chose the instrumental music that was to be played in the background from a huge list found on  The stories were a huge success and fun was had by all participates.  As a result of what they learned about storytelling we hope that we will receive lots of entries for next year's Migrant Digital Storytelling Contest held at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Old Dock Elementary student is excited about his original illustration.
Guideway Elementary students recording their original stories.
Second grader, Christian, from Chadbourn is proud of his artwork.

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