Touching Spirit Bear
Amy's story

same and difference

The character in the story that I'm choosing to writing about is Cole Matthews. I decided on this character because Cole is some what like me. My mom and dad are  divorced like Cole's parents. My mom and dad can not be in the same room all the time.

Cole and I are also different because my mom is not always drunk. My mom says she would send me away if i were like Cole. My dad doesn't beat me.  


The land

This image is of Alaska. That is were Cole is.

The house

This image reminds me of the fire scene in the book.

He that he was darning his one blued. He was reel in a dot.The water was splashing up on the dot.   

He is at of the hospital.He is in sensitizing.

Cole is in the river. He is So mad.

Cole as Garvey com were he is so go no.

I rec emend the book it is a good book. I like the book it mad me trek it is a good sewer of books.   

He toke the pals he

At the end of  school they re  named the masquot the Spirit Bear. Cole and peter went to were the old man was. They went to give the blanket to him. They saw  a Bear. It lot like  a Spirit Bear. so They were going to poet it in the gimme were  the old Staubach sat in the gimme and they pantie the gimme.

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