Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a teenage girl who was hiding in the Holocaust, during the writing of her Diary (book). Anne Frank was a girl who would express herself, no matter what she had on her mind, she would say it. Anne had a group of friends before the Holocaust and she promised that they would be best friends for the rest of their lives. Once Hitler ordered that the Jewish people should surrender, Anne's parents knew that something bad was coming, they did not tell Anne or her sister Margot. Anne soon found out because the sirens in her City started going off. Anne had the best 13th birthday, as soon as she got the diary she wanted, she wrote in it as soon as she could. When Anne started writing in her diary, she knew that she would want to become a writer. Anne had a cat named Moortje, she was just about to have kittens when Anne left for hiding.

Anne would call this place the Secret Annex. This was Anne's room and where Anne would write in her Diary. Anne Frank and her family lived in this place with Anne. Anne had to share her desk with other people so that they could do "work". Anne thought that was silly because they were in hiding and she believed that you cannot work and get money while in a war. Anne thought about the future more than the present. Anne wanted to be a writer when she grew up but things soon changed. Otto Frank, father of Anne had people stay with Anne and them in the hiding process. Otto's friend had went out of hiding in the day, because he was Christian and could not get arrested so he could go get some bread. He took Otto's wallet that Otto gave him to go get some bread, he was getting the bread when his wallet fell out left it there. Otto was Jewish and he had Jewish things in his wallet, someone picked up his wallet, and knew that there was someone Jewish hiding somewhere. This is how Anne and her family were discovered. At first a police officer came to the hiding place and broke down the door and went upstairs and he found a bookshelf, behind the bookshelf was the Secret Annex with Annes family and he did not notice anything, so he left. Soon, officers came back into their hiding place and the soldiers got someone to break down the bookcase and they were in the Secret Annex and Anne and her family were sent to Concentration camps.

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