Mitzi Martinez-Pena

ED 222 - Instructional Technology

Butler Community College

Fall 2014

Dr. Shellie Gutierrez, EdD, PhD

Community Helpers

Essential Question

What is a community helper and what do they do to help our community?

Content Questions

What does a community helper do? Where can we find community helpers? How are you directly affected by what community helpers do?

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, students will understand who a community helper is, where can we find a community helper and be able to identify each of the community helpers task. Students will engage in a Prezi presentation about several community helpers and will also have time to navigate a Glogster on their alone time, after the presentation is over.

Subject Area: Social Studies

Grade Level: K-2

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Students will be able to identify the kind of community helpers there are.

2. Students will know where to find these community helpers.

3. Students will know the kind of tasks or jobs each  community helper does


Class opener: We will go through each individual community helper as a class.  Pictures about that specific community helper doing his or her job will be provided in the Prezi presentation.

Teacher is to describe the community helper and ask students feedback about what they already know about this community helper.

Once the class discussion/presentation is done, students will grab their laptops and sit at their desk to explore the Glogster provided.

In the Glogster, students can click on the links provided to "explore their neighborhood" and read books about the different types of community helpers.

There is also a link to a mini questionnaire about the task of each community helper.

Approximate Time Needed:

45 minutes (15 min. for presentation, 25 minutes with laptops)

Prerequisite Skills

Students must have a previous understanding of who a police officer, teacher or fire fighter are.

Previous knowledge with Chromebooks.

Materials and Resources



Internet Connection

Internet Resources: Prezi


(Optional) At the end of the lesson, we can ask the school librarian or school police officer to come in and speak to the class about what it is they do and any experiences they've might of have had.

Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction

Special Needs Learner

*There will always be another teacher to help in the class room and I will be open to questions during their work time.

*Looking at videos and graphics will help students get a visual of each community helper's task.

*Always plan to spend more time and repeat questions if needed. Slide show may only take 10 minutes to go through yet iv planned 15 minutes to be open to questions and extra time demanded by students.

Non-Native English Speaker

1. Videos and pictures will facilitate learning for non English speakers.

2. Scholastic page gives students the option to listen to the stories, rather than just reading it themselves.

Gifted Student

In the scholastic page, students have the option to advance their study. There are books provide that gifted students can read or listen to after they are done with the games and self assessment provided. Community helpers on this page go more than just a Police Officer or Mail Man. Students come across community helpers such as a Veterinarian, Mayor and a Pediatrician.

Student Assessment

Students will be observed during class whether they understand the topic or not. I will pick students by team to come sit with me during the student work time and ask those students questions about what it is they know about community helpers. Students will be asked if they know anyone who is a community helper and how they have helped them in anyway.

Students have been provided with a link in the Glogster that asks them a task that a community worker does. The student will identify each task with the appropriate community helper.

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