La Basílica De Maria De Guadalupe, Officially Called Distinguished And Nacional Basilica De Santa María De Guadalupe, Is A Sanctuary Of The Catholic Church, Dedicated To The Virgen Maria , Located At The Foot Of The Hill Of Tepeyac In The Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico City, Currently Owned By Archdiocese Primate Of Mexico Through The Vicarious Guadalupe Which Is Currently In The Care Of Bishop Henry Glennie Graue With The Title Of Vicar General And Episcopal Guadalupe And Rector Of The Shrine.

Is The Venue Mariano Most Visited In The World, Surpassed Only By Basilica De San Pedro. Annually About Twenty Million Pilgrims Visit The Shrine, Of Which About Nine Million Of Them In The Days Leading Up To December 12, A Day That Celebrates The Virgin Mary Of Guadalupe.

All Of You Already Know, La Bsasilica De Guadalupe, This Was Designed And Built By The Architect Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, Internationally Recognized As One Of The Architects More Prolificos, This Was Built At The End Of The Sexenio Of Luis Echeverria, We Are Currently Complementing The Work With A Plaza Mariana, Who Does Not Cease To Be A Shopping Center.

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