Job Description

Forensic Science is the scientific method of gathering and examining information about the past which is then used in the court of law. They take evidence found from the crime scene and take it to a lab to prosecute who ever is guilty when others can not.

Educational Requirements

Have a Bachelor's in a science (such as chemistry, biology, physics, etc.), but also take courses in math, writing skills, and statistics. An Advanced Degree for psychiatry, anthropology, or pathology for specialized training will greatly help. You will need good speaking skills and note-taking/observation skills, be able to write an understandable scientific report and be unbiased, intellectual curiosity, and personal integrity.


After graduation, you will more than likely work within federal or state crime laboratories averaging around $1500 a month. As you gain experience over about 5 years in this career, your salary can double to $3000 a month. You can eventually earn a salary of $35000 to $50000 a year. In the state of Texas, your expected annual salary is $58,720. Determining ones pay usually depends on location, type of facility, experience, and certification.

Why You Should Be A Forensic Scientist

Forensic science offers the opportunity to contribute to society in a meaningful way while performing a fascinating and dynamic job.Forensic scientists are trained to use scientific principles to discover the truth which answers the question of whether the person responsible for the incident being investigated intended to commit a crime, knew they were committing a crime or were innocent of any wrongdoing.    

What Do They Do?

You can watch what forensic scientists do at...

Why Does This Career Interest Me?

Being a forensic scientist means that you can be smart and a bad ass at the same time. When CSI can't come up with any evidence, they call a profiler who will then call a forensic scientist to evaluate the evidence found (such as finger prints and other things).

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