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Nakitia Artis
May 2, 2014
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Hunt High School
Project Purpose- Become more familiar with a potential career and a college that would allow me to get this degree
Sources: cfnc.org, vacareer

Career Information

     My goal is to be a nurse practitioner. I want to be a nurse because i like being helping. A nurse practitioner prescribes medication dosages, routes, and frequencies based on patients characteristics such as age and gender. The beginning salary for this job is 67,990, highest is 115,160, and average is 89,760. It will take 4 years to complete. I would need a doctoral degree to complete this goal.    

UNC Chapel Hill

    The college i want to attend is UNC Chapel Hill. It's located in Chapel Hill, Nc. The tuition at this college if i don't live on campus it would $4,066. If i live on campus it would be $22,800. The undergraduate rate students to teachers at this college is 14:1. High school chemistry is required to attend this college. Also chemistry will be required to earn a doctoral degree. The minimum high school GPA is 3.0.


     Some other classes that i can take now that I'm in high school are heath science, anatomy, and physical science. I'm also interested in a Master's degree that is offered at UNC Chapel Hill. Other one is a Bachelor's degree in nurse. The best thing I learned about this project is that UNC offers some great classes. Also that it's very big, a lot of people go there. It's a very diverse school.

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