North Topsail Beach case #3

By Christopher Richardson, lana Hazin, and Uosra Nasser

How close the homes are to topsail beach.

My opinion and my reasoning

As you can see here the homes at the north end of topsail beach are dangerously close to the ocean. This is why  homes are always in danger of being destroyed by storms  and the tide. I think that these houses at the north end of topsail beach should be moved to the opposite end of the beach so that the homes can preserves and as well as the beach so that future generations may enjoy it's blissful beauty.

The actual method of stablization.

The town of topsail beach is planning to put down paddling trails. Due to certain laws it is hard for these houses to break away from their side of the beach so it's more of a legal formality.

Vocabulary words

Eustatic sea level- A datum representing the average height of the ocean's surface              

Foreshore- The part of a shore between high- and low-water marks

Backshore- Zone of the shore above the high water line.

Beach drift- The drifting of sediment

Breaking wave- A wave who's amplitude reaches a critical level


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