Future Of Link Building Post Penguin And Panda Update

There is a huge speculation recently among the webmasters regarding the fate of the link building post penguin update. This is for sure that every webmaster knows that link-building practice would never be the same as it used to be earlier some few years ago. Gone are the days when much emphasis is given on bulk link building and creating a huge number of backlinks using multiple channels. There is always a speculation among the webmaster regarding the spamming in link building, especially with the use of link farms. This is one of the widely used tactic for link building for many years in SEO, but post penguin update first released in 2011 and then its subsequent updates named by Google as Penguin refresh updates has made various webmaster to change their link building strategy and rather concentrating on quantity focusing on quality link building. There are many dimensions of Link building and apart from link farms, many webmasters use to buy bulk paid links that contain some banned or spam triggered websites which are against the ethical link building guidelines.

Link Building Strategy 2014

If you want to get a real success in your SEO campaign, then you need to consider the latest in Link building Google friendly trends in 2014. There is nothing new in 2014 as link building yet became the same old story, but the only thing that has changed is the purpose of link building. The latest SEO trends and Google signifies that link building should be done without the purpose of getting ranked higher in the SERP.

Get back to web directories: Earlier post Google Penguin update, most of link building Search Engine Optimization Company has become scared of web directories and ithas also been the fact that most of the websites that have been penalized by Google has been using the spam web directories for long for creating backlinks through SEO services. If you try to get your website listed only in high PR relevant web directories, then Google will welcome you the only thing that you need to care for is not using bulk web directories for submissions.

Get more popularity through Article directories: The article directories were always remain a popular channel for link building for many web masters. You need to have a 100% unique and well-writtennon-promotional content published in various top article directories. This is an ideal practice for the link building.

Apart from these, you may still get good relevant backlinks through various top social bookmarking sites and remember if you are doing guest log posting, then just be aware of the spammers that may ruin your strategy. Try to get as much as natural links and reviews in social media and put more focus on content quality for every link building activity. All this will definitely pay for the long term for sure.

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