If we were able to live on the moon would we start deforming?

Yes are joints would slowly start getting used to the gravitational pull and would get bigger then normal size. And or we would start growing.

  • Earths moon to us is just like another circle. A.K.A Like the sun. ○  o
  • How did it form? When out of debris thrown into orbit by a massive collision between a smaller proto-Earth and another planetoid, about the size of Mars. --Nasa.
  • What is it? What is believed to be a chip of earth when another planet collided into it.
  • When did it form? 4.5 Billion Years ago.
  • how would are joints react to the moon for a year? They would get really spaced out and you would kinda look like a funny looking alien.
  • If are bones acutely grew in space how big would they grow? Depends on how long you were there but after one earth day they would start to grow.

If we were able to live on the moon we would start deforming!

I don't think we should live on the moon other wise are body would be really Deformed.

If you think we should live on the moon give me a reason why?

Also any questions?

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3 years ago

Also would are posture get better? #wiki

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3 years ago

Or would are posture get worse¿?

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Hi Tavian sorry if I spelled your name wrong