my name is othoniel and my last name is ortiz. I live in the municipality the guemez, tamaulipas, mexico. I live with my mother, her name is martha rivera gallegos, my father, his name is juan manuel ortiz avaloz and my sister, her name is ana karen ortiz rivera. my address is ejido crucitas municipality the guemez. my phone numer is 8341253970. I want learn english because someday I want to united states.

description of the building

the bicentennial tower is the ciudad victoria by the libramiento The building measures 132 meters and has 25 floors in all its glory.

its construction was completed in 2010 (the year of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Mexico , which is why it is also known as Torre Bicentenario ) , the materials used were: reinforced concrete, steel and glass.

The tower has a private helipad on the bow protruding from the building, the emblem of the State of Tamaulipas is . The building has attracted the spotlight of the media , because the faults occurred after its construction , so in 2013, the first vertical stroke was made, to encourage participants to ascend and descend the stairs of the building.

description of my house

I live in a old house in the ejido crucitas, municipio de guemez, tamaulipas.                      there is a sunny livingroom, a kitchen and three bedroom.                                              the livingroom has two door, a windows and a big t.v in the table.                                  the bedrooms has a door, a windows and a bed.                                                             the kitchen has a refrigerator, a table, a stove, a ledge, a door and a laundry.                    I live with my mother, my father and my sister karen.

my house has patio and porch to park the truck and many trees that do not let the sun

my home is perfect for me and not change it for any other and my home is perfect for me and not change it for any other

my Professions

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