The Walking Dead

zonbi yo reyèl

On a typical day in a Haitian village the villagers was have a cock fight(rooster fighting) when they spotted a small dirty boy.They recognized the little boy as a child that had died 10 days ago.The boy was fine when he was alive but then he grew ill very quick then later died.When they spotted the boy they took him home he could not speak and he couldn't comprehend the world around him.He grew violent and to keep him from hurting himself and others his family put him in shackles.They say his uncle a feared voodoo priest had done that to him.


“In humans, TTX blocks the fast sodium current in muscle cells, preventing contraction. When the fast sodium current of the cells of the diaphragm are paralyzed, death occurs when breathing ceases. Symptoms of TTX poisoning usually develop within a half hour of ingestion, and death has occurred as quickly as within 17 minutes of ingestion. Other symptoms may include numbness of the lips and tongue, sweating, headache, weakness, ataxia, in-coordination, tremor, paralysis, cyanosis, aphonia, dysphagia, seizures,dyspnea, bronchorrhea, bronchospasm, coma, hypotension, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.”

The things Vodoo Priest use to make the neurotoxin is puffer fish/poisoned frogs and sometimes human remains.These ingredients form tetrodotoxin.

Can Rabies cause a zombie apocalypse.

Some signs of a human with rabies is anxiety,confusion,hallucinations and paralysis.Its possible that the rabies can mutate and take over the host body with a lower incubation period.Many viruses can mutate to go under radar so the body immune system wouldn't be able to detect it.If the virus gets airborne it could spread and affect a large area.

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