Geometry All Around the World

By Vasu Kansagra

Question One

If segment AB is a perpendicular bisector of DC, and angle one is 90 degrees. What is the measure of angle two? What are angles 1 and 2?

Question Two

What angle can replace the question mark? Also, it is not drawn to scale!

Question Three

The two bright white lines are parallel to each other. If angle y is 87 degrees, what is angle x? Not drawn to scale.

Question Four

The white fence wires are all parallel. If angle one is 93 degrees, find out all the other angles. After that, what theorem do you use to prove angles 3 and 4 are congruent?

Question Five

Are the two black lines parallel? If so why?

Question Six

What type of construction is shown here?

Question Seven

What postulate can you use to prove that the two roofs are congruent?

Question Eight

Is triangle ABCD similar to triangle FGHE? If it is, why?

Question Nine

What is the measure of one interior and exterior angle of this polygon? What type of polygon is this figure above? Use the orange line to answer the questions.

Question Ten

Are the two orange lines parrallel, skew, or oblique?


Question One= The measure of angle 2 is 90 degrees and angles 1 and 2 are supplementary.

Question Two= The question mark is 110 degrees.

Question Three= Angle x is equal to 95 degrees.

Question Four= Angles 3 and 4 are 93 degrees. Angle 2 is 87 degrees. You would use the corresponding angles are congruent theorem to prove angles 3 and 4 are congruent.

Question Five= They are not parallel because one of distances between the black lines is 31.

Question Six= Perpendicular Bisector

Question Seven= SAS

Question Eight= No

Question Nine= The figure is a Octagon. Interior angle= 135 degrees, Exterior angle= 45 degrees

Question Ten= Skew

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