Anti-Ode Poem

Anti-Ode to Satan

Anti-Ode to Satan, who looks like a pile of trash

You will one day turn to ash

You feels like discomfort and slimy goo

You are askew

You smells like puke

You are the only one I want to nuke

You sound like cries of anguish and pain

No matter how hard you try, you cannot gain

You taste like horrible rottenness

Anti-Ode to Satan, the person that I couldn’t care about less

You are a liar

You use anyone to put out your fire

Anti-Ode to Satan, you are like a disease that won’t give up

I will never drink out of your death cup

You have no power at all

You will not make me fall

You are a coward

You have devoured all that you can but now you have no more

Anti-Ode to Satan, you have always been poor

You have always been alone

You try to suck people to the bone

I never liked your tone

Anti-Ode to Satan, you trick and stab

I hate your disgusting lab

You deceive and hurt

No one likes your nasty little flirt

You brings down

I know you will never wear a crown

You are a lurker

Anti-Ode to Satan, and your horrible little workers

You are a thief

You cause gr

Anti-Ode to Satan, what I am about to say will bring me elation:

You are not my suffocation

I am not frightened of you

You do not even have a clue

How far away I am from you

It will stay this way for eternity

The relationship of hate between you and me

My life is happy without you

But, of course, that is nothing new

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